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We love to partner with passionate nonprofits that operate at the grassroots community level. We help you use data to connect with new donors and make a stronger case for your work.

Why data matters

Modern donors are looking for data and insights.

Younger donors increasingly want insights about where their money is going and what impact it's creating.

Nonprofits are often too busy running their programs and saving lives to prioritize the time and effort needed to collect and report the impact data that donors want.

We get it. That's why we're here to help.

of millennials stop giving if they aren't told how their contributions are helping.
of recurring donors continue giving when they understand the impact of their donations.
Our tools

We give local nonprofits a new platform to succeed.

Discover the features that can help your nonprofit thrive.

Access to a new audience of donors

We create funds of local nonprofits addressing specific social issues from different angles. Inclusion in our funds gives nonprofits access to a new audience of passionate, young philanthropists.

Studies, surveys, and data collection

We use data to help donors track their impact and continue their giving. Our research team works with nonprofits to collect and report program data, and we'd love to help improve your data infrastructure

Showcasing your work and telling your stories

We know that behind every data point are real people and their stories. Through our content, we want to spotlight the work you're doing and the lives you're changing to educate donors on what matters most.

How it works

Steps to Get Involved with Impact Labs

Contact Us

Nonprofits interested in being listed on Impact Labs can get started by reaching out to us. Our first step is to learn more about your organization and your work.

Showcase Your Impact

We'll work with you to collect necessary info required to showcase your nonprofit on Impact Labs. If you qualify, we'll include your nonprofit in one or more Impact Funds.

Receive Regular Donations

If you're included in one or more of our funds, you'll receive donations from us on a monthly basis.

Tell Your Stories

We'll work with you to make it easy to share impact data that we can report to our donors. We'll also share important stories and updates from your nonprofit with our donors on a regular basis.

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