Impact Advisor

Create your own personalized Impact Fund

Automate your impact with your own portfolio of top nonprofits working to address the social causes you care most about.

How it works

A social impact fund designed just for you

This feature is in beta mode and we're providing access on a rolling basis to those who qualify.

Complete the questionnaire

Answer a few questions so we can learn more about the causes you're passionate about and the impact you want to make.

Receive and review your fund

We'll use your answers to create a personalized Impact Fund of top nonprofits to address your causes. On a quick onboarding call, we'll share your fund with you and make any adjustments you'd like.

Subscribe and share your fund

Automate your impact by subscribing to your fund. You can also share your fund with others to raise donations and multiply the impact you're creating.

Track your impact

Follow progress you and your network are creating with regular data on the money being donated, the outcomes being delivered by the nonprofits, and the overall impact you're creating.

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