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You help your clients make the most out of their money. We can help them do the most good with their money.

Why impact matters

The future of philanthropy is being shaped by younger donors.

Millennial donors are motivated by social causes and compelling missions, and they want to see the tangible impact of their contributions and actions.

Partnering with Impact Labs allows financial advisors to offer their clients personalized charitable giving portfolios, tax-exempt donations, and regular reports on the impact being created.

of millennial HNWIs agree that a charitable giving strategy is part of one’s overall wealth strategy.
of millennial HNWIs want to see how their giving impacts causes that matter to them.
Our tools

The Modern Philanthropy Advisor

Impact Labs can help you cater to the needs of your charitably-minded clients.

Impact Funds

Personalized charitable giving portfolios powered by expert research

Top Nonprofits

Streamlined tax-exempt donations to the most impactful, vetted nonprofits

Impact Reports

Real-world data on the impact being created

How it works

We help you deliver results for your clients' charitable goals.

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Personalized Impact Funds

Once we understand your clients' philanthropy goals, we create a custom portfolio with top nonprofits to deliver the impact they're looking for.

Monthly Reports

With our research and analysis, you can deliver regular reports on how your clients' donations are being used and the real-world results they're achieving.

Ongoing Strategy

We work with nonprofits and researchers to continually optimize our funds to deliver the most impact possible and keep your clients happy.

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